Practicing A Healthy Mindset

The majority of us become easily excited when we hear about a new diet or workout that promises the earth but in fact, can deliver very little results. After a couple of months, your motivation and determination can begin to deteriorate and we easily become less interested in counting those calories that make all the more difference. Sound familiar? The circle can make you frustrated, you feel defeated and we all become a victim of the hardest mentality to fight, all or nothing! The key to the success of your healthy living and regime is your mindset. 

A healthy mindset is one of the fundamental essentials for your healthy body. Ensuring that you have a healthy mindset takes time and practice, it’s not something that can be done overnight. You need to work on it, stick to it, be determined and stay focused. It’s all about seeing the day that you miss the gym or you decide to binge on your favourite food is an opportunity to learn and grow, it’s not a failure. The process is slow and steady and your mindset needs to shift to become healthy. The art of positive thinking needs to be fine-tuned over time, setting goals like running that marathon will not bring lifetime happiness. It’s a great goal to set but you need to fully engage with the process of getting to that stage. Embrace any setbacks that arise along the way and remain positive will promote your lasting health and happiness. Here are 2 tips that can help along the way:

1. Analyse the Situation
No matter how bad you feel your situation is, nothing is as bad as it looks. When you deviate from the goals you have set, you can quickly enter a slippery slope and it’s crucial that you remain positive to get back on track. The phrase “I will start my diet on Monday” is one I bet you’re familiar with right? Why give up on an entire day, the entire week or even the entire month? What you do now makes a difference, so don’t just write it off. Ensure you take the next few minutes and hours to regain your focus and embrace your positive mindset. You can do this, all it needs is you to remain focused and positive.

2. Optimism
This is a very empowering mindset to have but it does require a lot of practice. When we react to a situation there are several responses that we may practice, which can be categorised into either emotional or physical. When we elicit a negative reaction, this triggers a stress response, making us feel very irritable and can increase our cravings. Instead, practice on focusing on the positives, even though this may seem difficult. Having a positive reaction to a particularly stressful situation can make you feel much calmer, you feel in control of the situation and it helps to embrace your healthy habits. Remember that perspective is a choice, and you can take a step back, take a deep breath and work out how to respond in a way that is positive to both your mind and body.