5 Mindset Tips for Fitness Motivation

If you don’t have a positive mindset about your body, weight loss or eating, then you will always feel like it’s a battle and the chances are you will be losing. So here are 5 tips for your weight loss motivation:

Use Affirmations

These are simply positive statements. Filling your mind with these will help keep your thoughts positive and reprogram your beliefs. They can also help to make you feel positive. For example;

1) I choose to move my body and get active
2) I choose healthy food options that support me on my journey
3) Every day I am getting closer to my healthy self

Using them throughout the day can help keep your thoughts and mind positive.

Picture your Ideal Shape

Have you ever imagined yourself at your ideal weight? How do you look? More importantly, how do you feel? What has changed in your life now you’re at your ideal weight?

Enjoy the visualisations of you as these can help you stay positive. Your subconscious mind will make you believe that this is real and will help you get there.

Focus On A Positive Mindset

As with any change, when we are trying to lose weight we focus too much on the negatives, such as “I can’t eat…” or “I have to go to the gym and I hate the gym”.

Instead of this, focus on what you will gain by losing the weight, you will feel better, your health will improve and you will look the way you envisaged.

The positives about your food, always focus on the delicious and healthy foods that you can eat. You might need to cut back on some of your favourites, but explore in the kitchen and create yourself some new and healthy dishes.

The Small Changes Add Up

Making those small and consistent changes rather than one big change means that you’re more likely to stick on your healthy regime for a long time. An example of the small changes may be:

  • Take a 5-minute walk per day.
  • Drink a glass of water when you wake up.
  • Swap you fizzy drinks with a glass of water.
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift.

Build those healthy habits into your daily life and stick to them.

Record A Success Journal

Always record the positives of your healthy regime. For example;

  • Record your weight loss success.
  • Record positive comments that you receive.
  • Record the positive changes that you have made.

Having something physical to look back on when you don’t feel positive will help massively. It will keep you motivated and can help you stay on track.