What is a Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet approach is simple: It’s a low-carb diet (less than 25g a day) where the focus is on eating real food.

With the growing popularity of low-carb diets, the food industry introduced foods that may be low in carbs but are ladened with unhealthy ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other additives.

How about raw dairy? It’s up to you whether you include it in your diet. Unless you are dairy intolerant, you can include cheese, full-fat cream and yoghurt in your diet plan. That’s why several recipes offer dairy-free options.

My experience doing the Keto diet: from using carbs as the main energy source to then using fats is a big difference, I found that with weight training I couldn’t lift as heavy on weights but my energy was still really sufficient. I wanted to try this out to give my honest and personal views on the Keto diet. I found that it helped lose body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass.

Keto Diet is not just about losing weight, as you can do this with many different diet styles, providing that you are in a calorie deficit. The Keto Diet is more about adopting a healthier lifestyle.