After contacting me just after Christmas Reece seemed very keen to get into weight training.

His goal was to gain lean muscle and increase his strength as well as feel more confident all round.


Reece started on 2 sessions per week and was very keen which made things easy as he listened to everything I wanted him to do.

First block of sessions was to ensure Reece had a better understanding of the gym and carry out exercises correctly. Once Reece had started to get used to the different styles of exercises, and his body started to recover a lot faster we increased the intensity of our sessions.

We mainly hit strength and conditioning sessions as his body seemed to adapt well to that, That with the change of diet we started to make some real body shape changes.

Reece’s hard work payed off over the time we worked together going from building muscle then to cutting some body fat prior to an holiday.

Reece’s pictures speak for themselves the effort put in.

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