Before our journey started

Danielle came to me through a referral from her partner. Having had a PT before, Danielle had some kind of knowledge on how to find sessions…so she thought anyway.

Danielle really wanted to feel and look better to gain more body confidence .

What We Achieved

So after finally coming down to start sessions and setting some goals, we got rid of the nerves and hit each session hard.

Whatever I recommended to Danielle, she managed to do this and her fitness and stamina improved over the first 2-4 weeks.

Each week we changed up goods and made sure we kept track of calories and did stat checks each week to make sure progression was being made.

Danielle worked hard and got some really good results from her efforts.

In 2019 we also did a team Tough Mudder which pushed Danielle out of her comfort zone. Danielle said that this was something she couldn’t see herself doing and now says she would happily do another one as she really enjoyed it.

Our Statistics

Body Fat Lost

Weight Lost

Inches Lost on Waist