Before our journey started

Before coming to me Callum had previously struggled getting through the training to get into the RAF, We got about 15 sessions in together.

What we achieved

This is what he had to say-

I am now an engineer In the RAF,  before I joined I struggled to find motivation and was quite overweight for my age. The sessions with Anthony didn’t just help me to become fit, but helped me to find confidence In myself as well as increase my motivation.

My goal was to get fit enough to pass selection to go on to training to be an engineer in the RAF, I still use some of the workouts and training techniques Anthony showed me, and still maintain an healthy lifestyle. The progress I made over a short space of time was incredible, I managed to improve my BMI massively as well as see physical changes to my physique.

The reason I chose to use a PT was to ensure I got the maximum results in the fastest amount of time, to make sure I got through and passed all the required fitness tests to get into the RAF,I would highly recommend to anyone.

Our Statistics

Body Fat Lost

Weight Lost

Muscle Gained

Inches Lost on Waist