Anthony Harker

Certified Personal Training

I have always been into health and fitness. Growing up I would play football regularly which kept me very slim. I have always wanted to gain muscle and feel better about myself, but I didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to make this happen. I would go to the gym and nothing seemed to ever happen with my body shape, making me very frustrated and wanting to do something about it.

My Motivation

I started AH Personal Training with the goal of creating the ultimate experience for my clients in a private studio. I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own body and I wanted to build my confidence and feel better. This allows me to relate with a lot of my clients who come to see me with the goals they want to achieve. The motivation behind what I do is because of my past experience and how I used to feel. I make everyone feel comfortable and believe in themselves, ensuring that their goals are achievable with the help and support from me. My passion and drive are to help as many people as I possibly can become a stronger and confident version of themselves both physically and mentally.